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Eviction Help

Local landlords and tenants use search terms like eviction lawyer near me, or eviction lawyers for tenants near me. The reason is that they are essentially searching for eviction help that is close to their locality. Tenants are likely in need of help to defend against the eviction and landlords are likely in need of help to prosecute their anticipated eviction that is local to them.

Although we are paralegals, not attorneys, our services will help the tenant or landlord through the unfortunate eviction process.

Comprehensive Paralegal Services for Eviction Attorneys in Beverly Hills, CA

Eviction Attorneys require effective legal documents to make their case—and that’s where we come in. We take care of all the paperwork so you can focus on preparing for court appearances.


Every legal case needs to be backed up with solid documentation that is detailed and well-researched. At BPCS Law Evictions, we review, draft and organize legal paperwork for landlord attorneys and tenant defense lawyers that are going through eviction cases. Whether you’re defending a landlord or tenant, we’ll provide all the legal assistance you need to strengthen your case. We set the foundation for landlords and tenant lawyers and increase their chances of getting justice for their clients.

Our paralegals can prepare detailed eviction notices for your clients and provide you with the legal paperwork required to file a lawsuit (if needed). We’ll sift through information and collect facts that can support your client.


If you’re defending a tenant against unlawful eviction, our paralegals will carry out thorough research on the landlord’s treatment of tenants, any incidents of discrimination in the past, legal rental increments in the area, along with any other information that can strengthen your client’s case.


Submitting paperwork on time is crucial for evictions. You can trust us to prepare, review and deliver all the legal documents to you on time. We’re experts at consolidating information from a variety of resources and providing landlord & tenant attorneys with the framework to win.


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