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Eviction Help

We help tenants and landlords in need of eviction help.

Our eviction service provide fast and innovative strategies motivated towards a beneficial outcome.

Our paralegals are here to assist you and your attorney in the tasks needed to reach the desired results.

Don't hesitate to contact us. Don't miss out.

Eviction Service Provider in Beverly Hills

Landlords can contact BPCS Law for eviction services. Our paralegals have the experience and the knowledge to develop detailed documentation needed to facilitate the eviction process. We assess your case thoroughly and work out the details.


If a landlord’s reasons for wanting to evict their tenant are justified, we will provide them with all the paperwork they need. Landlords can come to us directly or seek representation from an eviction attorney who we can support with legal documentation.


Accurate paperwork is crucial for legal evictions. We create robust eviction notices that speed up the eviction process so landlords can have their property back as soon as possible.


The paralegals at BPCS Law support tenants, landlords and attorneys in Beverly Hills, California with eviction services by offering clients the legal documentation they require. As an eviction service provider, we support landlords that are attempting to remove troublesome tenants as well as eviction attorneys who need assistance with legal notices.


We have years of experience under our belt and a team of paralegals that is committed to helping those in need. If you’re in Beverly Hills, California and require help with legal documents for eviction, get in touch with BPCS Law today.


9100 Wilshire Blvd., STE 725 E, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Tel:  (310) 421-8625


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