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Why Are We the Best in the West?

We are what your attorneys need, or your attorneys fear if they are our opponents. Why is that? It is because a law firm or an attorney literally cannot exist without paralegals.

Those intellectual complex and lengthy legal briefs are due to the long hard hourly work of those paralegals hidden behind the scenes of the construction of the legal arguments that your attorneys verbally argue in front of the judge.

Legal writing is an art which in law school is called IRAC, meaning Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Case Law. Your motions and or briefs takes legal research first, and then comprehension to determine how that case law fits into your case, and lastly, the construction of the legal argument for the facts in your case. It is the paralegals that are behind that screen of those HP and MacBook computers going to war for you in early morning hours.

For example, we use a research engine specifically for legal researchers called Westlaw next/edge with Thomson Reuters

Therefore, the next time you think about who you should hire for the complex legal job you need help with, I dare you to not consider a paralegal. I dare you to second guess that paralegal. That is why we are the best in the west with evictions.

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