Senate Bill 1437

Although we are paralegals and cannot give legal advice, we are allowed to share legal information. Thus the foregoing below is not legal advice, but helpful case law citations that are published and readily available to help you understand SB 1437:

Case citation People v. Martinez says that Senate Bill No. 1437 was enacted "to amend the felony murder rule and the natural and probable consequences doctrine, as it relates to murder, to ensure that murder liability is not imposed on a person who is not the actual killer, did not act with the intent to kill, or was not a major participant in the underlying felony who acted with reckless indifference to human life." (Stats. 2018, ch. 1015, § 1(f), p. 6674; see People v. Martinez (2019) 31 Cal.App.5th 719, 723.)

To Win Your SB1437 Petition

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SB1437 could be the most important post-conviction remedy for most prisoners if they determine that senate bill 1437 applies.